Please, this vision was given to a brother in our Ministry, Heaven Seekers’ Ministry by the LORD JESUS CHRIST. His Name is Brother Richard. He is a GOD fearing brother. Please kindly read it and it will help your Christian journey. Thank You.

On the 21st of October 2013, the LORD told me I should prepare because We will be embarking on a journey so, I told my Pastor, his wife and some brethren to help me in prayer. I used to ask myself when is this journey going to start and where will the LORD be taking me to.

All started when we were in bus from Accra to Kumasi at the mid-night of Tuesday 17th December 2013. At certain point of our journey I had a severe headache and therefore I took a pain killer to calm the pain but that did not work. So I decided to ask one Elder Johnson Addae who is among those I travelled with and was sitting by me if, he can help me with another pain killer.

But to my surprise, when I turned to speak to him, I rather saw the LORD JESUS sitting by me. I therefore bow down my head and wanted to worship Him but He told me “No Richard this is not the right time and place to worship Me”. The LORD then told me that even the journey I made in His name to a conference of Holiness Revival Movement, world wide in Abuja. (Where we were coming from at that particular moment was according to His plan.)

He told me to prepare for the Journey He spoke to me be about will soon begin and is going to be along one. When I lifted my head to look again the LORD had disappeared and I saw only Elder Johnson and I told him what had just happened and what the LORD said and so he should remember me in prayer.

Brethren, we got to Kumasi at dawn around and I prayed for about 30 minutes and slept off. In the morning I went to my working place around 9.00 am I started feeling some sensation in my body so I decided to go home and take some medicine.

When I went home, at exactly 12:00 am I started feeling a severe cold so I started searching for medicine that I was having but could not find it. I therefore pulled my cloth to cover myself but something pulled off my clothe from me. I then felt that something strange was going on so I started shouting for help but nobody was hearing me.

So at that point, all that I saw was my spirit standing and my body was lying on the bed that I was sleeping on. I turned only to see theLord Jesus by my side. And He called me “Richard” it is now time to begin the Journey I told you of. He then asked me to follow Him and we stepped outside my house only for me to see that the whole place was very dark.

Then I told the LORD JESUS I can’t see anything and immediately He held my hand the whole place was filled with light and I could see clearly. Dear one as we were going, I saw that we were walking but even the fasted airplane on earth could not compete with us. When we went a little we got to a road where I saw multitude of people. I asked the LORD “who are these people.” And the LORD told me they are also making the journey.

We then got to a place where I saw a group of parent who were holding the hands of their children and were sitting at a place with a tiny rope in front of them. I asked the LORD why are they sitting there? He told me “these are parents who have not brought up their children in the fear and the way of theLORD. He then quoted, (Proverbs22:6). “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. The LORD further explained that” these parents will not train their children and if even someone disciplines them, their parent will go and fight the person. Unless they repent they can’t go further and enter My Kingdom”.

We then moved on with the other people until we got to aplace where there was a very mighty ROCK which had the inscription “ JESUS CHRIST”. But to my amazement, I saw many people around this ROCK and holding items such as anointing oil, salt, lime, sachet water, bottle water, stones etc. in their hands. The LORD explained tome that these people are those who have put their trust in these things instead of Me, CHRIST JESUS – The ROCK OF AGES. They think that by relying on such things and being around Me the ROCK will help save them. Mean while they think they are worshiping me. This is their end unless they repent of their life styles and trust and serves Me, they cannot continue and make it into My Kingdom. They were also stopped by a tiny rope.

We got to the next group who were also barricade by aanother tiny rope and they were also many. And the LORD said “these are those who cannot forgive their brethren when they wrong them and think they are going to Heaven. Unless they really forgive from their heart what their brethren have done against them and repent, they can’t move forward.

Beloved, I want to let you know that as we move from onegroup to the other, the number of people making the journey continued to reduce drastically.

The next group of people who could not continue their Christian journey were, many singles (Bachelors and spinsters) who instead of serving the LORD in the state , had defile themselves because of money, mundane things of this world or because of scoffers had given themselves up for fornication and evil life styles. They too were left behind.

As we continued another group who were left behind was menand women holding their hands and were standing at one place. The LORD told me these are men and women who because of their spouse, always find excuse not toserve me well and follow my Word or do my work. And they can’t move forward inspite of the fact that they profess to be Christians.

Near this group, another group that was also left behind was another married people holding their hands like those we met earlier on. And concerning them, the Lord said “they too can’t move any longer because they are those married people who commit adultery behind their partners and if they don’t really repent, that will be their end.

The new group we left behind was the group of fornicators although they called themselves Christians. The LORD said “ They are fornicators although they did not sleep with the women on bed. They lusted after women in their heart and women who lusted after men in their heart”.Those men and women were left there until they repent they cannot make it to Heaven with such behaviour. The LORD said “Let’s leave them and continue.”

The next group that was left behind as we went further wasthose who love games and entertainments more that CHRIST. The LORD said “these are those who value games and watching television more than worshiping andbeing under my feet.” He also told me “Richard going to Heaven is not easy asyou people think and feel.” At this point, I was filled with much sorrow and wanted to cry but the LORD told me not to.

The next Place We got to was a river which had certain plantor flowers grown on it and until you step on it you wouldn’t know is full of thorns. So many people were sitting by this river because, they had tried it andfound out that is not easy crossing that river because of the thorns. The LORD explained by saying “these are Christians who don’t want to go through any difficulty at all and will therefore find any evil way to solve their problems or challenges and because of that they cannot go forward.

Brethren we now went to the last point the journey after which one can enter the City of Heaven. And this place was also a very big river or sea that one need to swim through in order to get to the end which wasnot visible to the eyes. You cannot see the end of this sea or river. I wasalso to swim and cross this big river or remain there without getting to thecity. Beloved, this was so difficult for me because in my life I have never swam before not even a little stream not to talk about a big river like thisone. I started shivering and the LORD asked me are you afraid and I said no.

Here too there weremany people standing there and the LORD told me “Richard this is where you belong to”. So I asked Him, am I going to remain here and He said no. He wavedHis hand and there appeared a very long ladder on the river which a couldn’t see the end. The LORD JESUS then asked me to cross the river with the help of the ladder but He will meet me at the other end. I told the LORD throughout the journey You have been with me how come You want to leave me.

But the LORD asked meto cross it or else I will remain there. Dear one, In fact even with the ladderit was not easy I was filled with great fear. Beloved in the LORD, as I was getting to the middle of the ladder I saw it folding before me so I looked back If I can return, only to see that behind me too was folding before I realized I fell into this big river. And because I had no option to save my life, I started swimming and according to the LORD Iswam for 30 minutes before getting to the end of the river where JESUS was and waiting for me.

When I was able to get to where the LORD JESUS was,everything about me changed ( ie. My dress, fingernails in fact everything about me) became so glorious. I then asked the LORD about the people who are atthe other bank of the river. The LORD said “they will remain there if they repent of fear. He also said that is how I am. That, I am always afraid to tellpeople what He the LORD reveals and tell me concerning other people and even His Church. He again told me to be bold to proclaim His word without any fear else I will be like those at the river bank. He further explain that the riverI swam stand for His Word so all should try and proclaim His word faithfullywithout fear or favour. Though some will not believe but still we should preach”. Don’t forget the same thing happened to Noah, many did not believe but before they realized animals were saved and human beings were destroyed.

He also said every Christian must be washed in His blood and his or her garment before one can make it to Heaven. Just from that place we got to the gate of Heaven.

My brothers and sisters in Christ even the gate alone is so beautiful that I cannot describeit. Immediately We got there, the gate opened for us by itself and after entry,it closed by itself. And when we entered, the angels started blowing trumpets,singing and bowing to the LORD of Lords and KING of Kings. In fact I was so excited that I started jumping from one place to the other especially when I saw the golden street and was walking on it with the LORD.

We started moving into the inner part of the City and I saw one woman looking so glorious and had dressed like a Muslim standing in front of her Mansion and I was shocked. So I asked the LORD, is this woman not a muslem? How was she able to come to Heaven whiles many Christians are stuck on the way?The LORD said “I allow you to go and talk to her”. So I went to this woman and she welcomed me nicely, gave me a made with diamond and an Angel came to serve us fruits. The Lady now introduced herself as “Sister Hajia Mamuna”. She asked my name and I said my name is Richard. She told me “she was a muslim since childhood and live at Aboabo in Kumasi the second Capital of Ghana. She said she was given to marriage at age 16 and as the fourth wife of the husband.

She said ones she was going to town when she heard a pastor preaching against polygamous marriage which she found herself in at that time. She therefore decided to look for the Pastor for detail teaching on that because is not a sin in Islam.

She finally got converted into Christianity secretly through the help of this Pastor and cameout of such marriage. This brought a severe persecution on her through her husband and own family. The husband managed and killed her through juju. By the special grace of our LORD JESUS before she realized, she was in Heaven because she had then accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

From there, I was taken to one brother Thomas who was from Senegal He told me he comes from a Christian family. He said he was from a poor family on earth but by God’s grace he started picking up in life. However someone used juju against him and he became paralyzed. The family tried hospitals and it did not work so, they decided to take him to a fetish priest for healing but he refused and therefore he was rejected. So he went and stayed with his pastor. He stayed with this pastor at the church premises for a long time until one day he fell ill severely and in the process he died and came to Heaven. He was living in a nice mansion.

I then went to speak to a third person who was a very noble man. He told me that he was a pastor in a church onearth. And because he has no money to push his way through to see his authorities, he was never transferred to town or city throughout his ministry but only villages. But he whole heartedly accepted every transfer that came his way and diligently served the Lord until he died and the LORD brought him there.In fact this man was looking very glorious and the kind of crown he was wearing was so beautiful.

The LORD then approached me and told me my time was gettingup so if I have any question, I should ask Himself.

I then told the LORDI have a question to ask You concerning the wearing of jewels by Christians. I asked the LORD whether it is true that He has told some of His children who have visits Heaven to tell Christians onearth to stop wearing jewels and that wearing them is a sin?

The LORD then told me we should leave the street, before answering this question and He took me to a very big hall with many Angels around us and there He told me that, He is the One. He is separating His children from that of satan. He then told me I am part of those to spread that truth to help Him separate His Children from that of the enemy.

The LORD then waved His hand and a big screen appeared. On this screen, He showed me a woman whowas dressed with all types of jewels and worshiping Him at church He told me to look at her carefully. He later showed me on the screen another woman who was dressed with the same jewels like the one in the Church but this lady was before a fetish priest at a shrine. He again showed me another woman withthe same type of jewels and was at a drinking spot.

The LORD then askedme, “Richard, out of these three (3) who is my child? I just sat therespeechless and couldn’t say a word. On the same screen He showed me another lady at Church wearing indecent dress showing some vital part of her body and with make-ups and jewels to seduce men thinking she is worshipping Me.

He showed me another lady dressed the same way at a drinking spot and one with the same dressing in a shrine. The LORD again asked me same question who among them is My child? He then told me, “go and tell my children to be different because I am separating My Children. A gain the LORD told me the devil also has a way of marking his children through the use of jewels and dressing. The designs on jewels are the symbols of the enemy.

After He then, told me to join in the propagating this message. The LORD said, when men and women put on these things it is difficult for them to hear His Word and obey them because they are having the properties of the enemy.

Brethren, you can bear me witness that many, many, people go to church but, immorality is in the ascendancy. Apostle, Pastors, Elders, not to talk about members. About 90 percent of the churches are being ruled by thedevil today so they don’t even talk about evil dressing any more. Please workout your own salvation with fear and trembling before is too late. You may argue today but tomorrow you will say had I known.

At this juncture the LORD held my hand and took me to a place where I wept bitterly. At the entrance of this place was written “World of fire”. In fact the fire here does not quench and the heat is so power full that I cannot describe it and the ordour was horrible.

The first place we went the LORD showed me a demon in a woman form but with a tail and has a very long hair and demons were cutting it. Immidiatetely it is cut, it grows again and the LORD told me is used to produce wigs, and attachments for those in the world. She is also having a long nails and another demon too was cutting the nails too. And the LORD JESUS CHRIST told me that is what they use for the artificial nails women use on earth. I also saw a long tube in her private part and I ask the LORD what is that and He said, blood passes through this tube to where they manufacture make –ups. Andour LORD JESUS told me; whoever uses this product becomes a fornicator or adulterer easily.

I saw that all women who die and go to hell with her property had to give all the properties of this woman to her. (the attachments, make-ups, artificial nails etc.) I saw how a woman’s attachment and artificial nail were being cruelly removed with avery sharp metal and how she was screaming bitterly. Please appreciate your Creator by making yourself natural to glorify Him. Pastors will tell you these things don’t matter. Please great men and women of GOD are in hell so, do not be deceived.

I was then taken to men and women who once held great positions on earth and did not accept the LORD and served their people and Christ faithfully. And the greatest shock I had there was a man I know to be humble and therefore loved him when he was alive – that is our former President the late Atta-Mills. He was suffering and being tormented by worms which do not die.

And his message to be given to certain people on earth was that “all past and present statement and women who are alive should take the opportunity to apologize to all Ghanaians and God and ask for God’s mercy and repent before it is too late for them too”. He said none of them can say they have not wronged Ghana by taken money which does not belong to them and have not offended God and so they should repent and plead for God’s mercy else itwill be too late. They should also help Ghanaians to know GOD very well.

I was then taken to place where a lady was being tormentedby demons seriously. She was so disfigured that I could not recognize her face.The LORD told me this is Suzy Williams one time actress in Ghana. One demon washolding her left leg and one was holding her right leg and some were using spears to penetrate through her private part and some were beating her and she was crying but no mercy.

The next scene I saw was the place for drunkards. In facttheir situation was also terrible. Those who use to drink in small quantity were given acid from time to time and they will be wailing and they will bebeating at same time. And those who weretypical drunkards, theirs was worst. Ata point in time, they will be pushed into something that looks like a swimming pool for them to drink but it was acidand they were screaming bitterly. And their skins were peeling and not thatalone they were also beating drastically as well and this will continue for eternity. It was very, very, sad.

Brethren, I want to tell you that there is wickedness inhell so, I was sad when and Apostle in one of the biggest Pentecostal Church in Ghanasaid alcoholic drink is food the only disadvantage is that it will spoil your skin but is not asin, very paretic.

I also saw some so-called gospel singers hell because,though they were singing gospel song but led worldly lifestyle shouting for help. They had to beat drums, sing, and dance throughout without any break. Dear reader, you can imagine singing continuous for only two (2) hours without a break on earth. How do you feel? How much more doing that in hell and being beating at the same time non–stop?

I also saw Michael Jackson still singing, dancing screaming non-stop. Another singer who is a Ghanaian called Terry Bonchaka he was pleading to the LORD to speak to the demons to allow him place down his leg which is still hanging. Ghanaians will understand this very well whenever he is dancing he used to raise one of his legs. They were really in terrible pain.

I also saw one former Ashanti king in hell and he was being tormented by worms and some beast. And he told me to tell all chiefs in the nation to throw away all their idols and put an end to pouring of libation. He said, they should gather their subjects and teach them the way of GOD because that is the way that leads to salvation.

I also saw many children in hell who are being punished for wayward lifestyles. And these children were bitterly accusing their parents and asking that some of their punishments be preserved and given to their parents when they come to hell.

From there I was taking to a place where those who commit suicide are. And at that place I saw many people being hanged with a hook; amongst them was Elder Acheampong of Gyinyase Church of Pentecost who hanged himself some few months ago in Kumasi. This even came in the news and was even on the internet as well. I really cried bitterly after seen him because I know him very well, he was an elder in my former church.

At this points, the LORD held my and took me to Heaven and showed me a big book that has the list of all the people who have visited Heaven before. I saw many names and what made me happy was that, I saw the name of my sister who I love so much, that is my dear sister Philipa Kuranchie and my name too was written.

After this, the LORD told me that we came with nothing into this world and will go out of it with nothing. So why are we worrying ourselves about properties of this world for this Heavenly journey that we are embarking. The LORD then told me that, my time was up and therefore held my hand and I was back into my body and when I woke up it was it 6.00am.

Dear reader, as the bible rightly said,” Do not love the world or anything in the world” . Please the world has nothing good to offer us. So let us focus on Heaven the more where we will spend eternity with our LORD and SAVIOUR.



  1. mamaheaven

    Thank you our Lord and Saviour Jesus for revealing these Revelations to us so we will repent and come to you. God richly bless you Sister Philipa and Brother Richard and the entire congregation of Heaven Seekers Ministry.

  2. Albert antwi


  3. Felicity Mensah

    Thank You Father Lord Jesus for Your True and Unconditional Love for Your children.
    Thanks for Your Visions and Revelations that You have been revealing through Dada Kuranchie, Brother Richard and Sister Philippa and Your Church “HEAVEN SEEKERS MINISTRY” to Your children. We thought we were really worshiping You but all was in vain. We are much Grateful for showing us the true way of living to be able to come into Your HOLY CITY “HEAVEN”. We Love You Daddy Jesus. Please may Your True Holy Spirit always be with us and lead us through our journey to “HEAVEN”. And Daddy Jesus please grant or give us the Grace to live a life that is pleasing to You, a Holy and Righteous life in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!!! THANK YOU LORD JESUS. God bless all Heaven Seekers Ministry Pastors and Members. PEACE!!!

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