The Given Signal

Wednesday, 27th November 2013

Whilst praying at home with some women of our church, I had a vision. And in the vision, I saw that the sky got opened. And the Lord Jesus Christ appeared on a horse, making His way through the sky towards the earth. Then the voice of the LORD said to me,

“The Saviour of this earth, has been given a signal to come and pick His Bride. He is coming, nothing holds Him back any longer. Now the main question is, ‘Are you ready’? Because He is arriving soon. Are you prepared? Are you prepared to go and live in His Kingdom? Are you living a Holy Life? Will the Gates of Heaven accept you if you go and stand before it? Are you ready, because the signal has been given.”

After that, I saw two angels on a horse in our house. They came over there to count those of us who were praying.
Dear ones, if I tell you the number of people who were counted to make it in the Rapture in the city in which we’re staying, you’ll be surprised. I’m telling you that you won’t believe it.

Friday, 29th November 2013

I was praying in my room when suddenly my entire body became numb. My legs couldn’t move, and my hands as well. My eyes were opened and were full of tears and my mouth was opened as well. I tried moving my legs, but it didn’t work. Then, the angels of the LORD came and told me not to close my eyes. My entire body felt dead. My mouth was simply saying the words, “He loves me, I can not tell why.” It continued like that for like thirty– forty minutes. It was very terrible.

I continued in that state until suddenly, my mum entered the room. She touched my leg and found it as lifeless as my entire body. My mum said she shouted ‘Jesus, my daughter!’. And knelt down by my bed only to hear these words come out of my mouth, so she stretched her hand to pick my jotter to write.

“This message is from the Most High God. He is coming again. The Saviour of the world is coming again. He is coming again. Are you ready? This world will not continue to be like this again. If you don’t make it in the Rapture, you will live and face the monster. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready? Jesus is coming soon, are you ready? Only His Blood can make you pure. His Blood works for only the Righteous and Holy people not the unrighteous. Be prepared. The King is Coming.”

Again the LORD told me the reason why only a few will make it in the Rapture is because of Lack of restitution, keeping of malice, un-forgiveness, and ungodly adornments.

Brethren, this is what the LORD showed me and He asked me to share it. May the Lord be with you.



  1. Martin Tinkorang

    I am a ghanaian leaving in london and I have been following most of your tesrimonies on the you tube and I am bless of what is doing in your mist May all the praise be to the almighty God.I would like to form a branch of the ministry in london here.Hoping to hear from the ministry about this possibility.
    From your brother Martin

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