Brethren in the LORD, the state of the church of God today is so devastating. When the LORD took us round many churches on Sunday, 15th June,2014 and showed us what is going on in the Church of today it was very sad. Many even do not think about the terrible death of our LORD … [Read more…]

Spanish: La señal dada (The Given Signal)

Miércoles, 27 de noviembre 2013 (((( Orando en casa con algunas mujeres de nuestra iglesia, tuve una visión. ))) Y en la visión, vi que el cielo se abrió. Y el Señor Jesucristo apareció en un caballo, haciendo su camino a través del cielo hacia la tierra. Entonces la voz del Señor dijo, “El Salvador … [Read more…]

The Given Signal

Wednesday, 27th November 2013 Whilst praying at home with some women of our church, I had a vision. And in the vision, I saw that the sky got opened. And the Lord Jesus Christ appeared on a horse, making His way through the sky towards the earth. Then the voice of the LORD said to … [Read more…]


Please brethren, the LORD JESUS CHRIST wants me to share these visions with you. I pray that these revelations will help you even as you prepare for the coming of our LORD JESUS. On the 5th of January 2014 that was a Sunday, I had a revelation during the time of our worship. The LORD … [Read more…]