Please brethren, the LORD JESUS CHRIST wants me to share these visions with you. I pray that these revelations will help you even as you prepare for the coming of our LORD JESUS.

On the 5th of January 2014 that was a Sunday, I had a revelation during the time of our worship. The LORD came into our midst as He always does. But this time when He came He was crying bitterly and His tears were not ordinary but pure blood. I saw that when He was crying, His whole body was shaking.

So I asked the LORD why He was crying. He told me that just within 24 hours from that time He was speaking and crying at the same time, names of people numbering one hundred and sixty six (166) had been taken or erased from the BOOK OF LIFE. He told me the names included even Apostles, Pastors, Bishops.

After, the LORD JESUS CHRIST showed me Pastors, Apostles,and Bishops who are in hell. Dear one they were uncountable.

He even showed me some of these Apostles, Pastors, Bishops who are still alive and working in His vineyard but their souls are in hell. (i.e they are on their way to hell). Though the LORD showed me some that I know very well but He did not permit me to mention their names.

Again the LORD showed me something like a skeleton with many thorns on it that were being used to torture these Pastors and their flesh were tearing. It was a very horrible scene.

From that point, the LORD JESUS showed me people and for that matter Christians who had the chance to evangelize to others but refused to do so. Their mouths were being torn with a certain implement and their tongues were being pulled out.

The LORD then told me, Philipa, the mouth of My children are not to be kept mute but to spread the Good News. He therefore ordered me to tell the Church to take note of that.

The LORD then opened a place in hell where many machines have been installed. And in that room, I saw all sorts of jewellery. The LORD made me to see very ugly and filthy demons that were manufacturing these jewelries and bringing them to the world for women and even some men to use.

At this same place I saw some demons bringing blood bags to where the machines are. And the blood in the blood bags are also used to manufacture all types of make-ups.

The blood was mixed with different colours. The LORD JESUS CHRIST then said; “daughter, you have seen it for yourself, that this is where many jewelries and many make –ups are made”.

No doubt the LORD Jesus Christ showed my Dad in a vision on a big screen and told him“ If only you want Me to use you, If only you want Me to love you,If only you want to be Closer to Me and for that matter if you want to make it to Heaven abstained from all these .
Then the LORD showed me where different types of wigs and hair attachments are made. In fact, they were also in different colours and sizes.

Beloved in the LORD, if you see these filthy and ugly demons, and what they use in manufacturing these things you wouldn’t need any Apostle. Prophet, Pastor, to tell you to stop using these things. Appreciate how GOD your CREATOR created you and be natural for Him. (1Cor. 6:14-18, 7:1)

One thing that the LORD showed me and really surprised mewas that, most of the dresses we see here on earth are being made from there. Furthermore, I saw that some foods are being processed from there. Dear reader, we have all seen what goes on inthe spiritual ream we must be all be careful.

From this Area, the LORD then took me to vast but deserted land that had lot of animals’ paw prints there which was leading to a very big pit. At this juncture there appeared a very ugly and ferocious beast. Its nature is indescribable. I saw other fearful animals and the LORD told me all these will be released into the world after the Rapture to come and torment man.

The LORD JESUS then took me to Heaven where I saw the late Maame Grace Mensah (A.K.A. Sweet 16) of Edumfa and my paternal grandmother Mad.Cecilia Obeng. When I saw them, I was very much surprised that though I have seen them in Heaven before, but I saw that today they were looking more glorious and very young rather than growing old. (Rev. 21:4) .

Then the LORD told me we should strive hard so that we will also make it to that glorious Place (Heaven) Amen.

Please, I know some people will argue about this message but what I received from the LORD I also pass unto you..
May GOD bless you and open your understanding . Amen.

On Sunday 26th January, 2014 I had a revelation whiles at Church. The LORD came and took me to a place known as“The devil lair” ( i.e. a place wild animals rest) it was a dark and misty place. There was a kind of smoke in the air of the area.I then saw a demon with a black book and the Holy Spirit granted me the grace to see what was written in the book.

There were some red writings inside the book when I looked into it. Then the Voice of the LORD told me, “These are the list of the so-called” great pastors” and their dealings with the devil. They have sold their soul to the devil and it has been signed with their blood making it nearly impossible for them to break the covenant with the devil. The LORD then asked me to listen and watch carefully, what HE was going to show me because it was very important.

I then saw a mar k before me which look like a sort of circle with some thorns and some eyes around and some in it. The LORD then showed me another sign and it was a python. It was black and silky in colour and moved with a glint mischief in its eye (i.e deceptive look) It came to later join the first and immediately turned into the shape of the first mark I saw.

I then inquired of the LORD the meaning of that was happening. However, the LORD just told me “Let us go on” And we went a Little further, I saw many Men and women. To be frank,they were very many and the LORD told me “These are all Pastors, Apostles, Evangelist fake prophets and prophetesses. They are fake workers God who claim to be His servants in His church. He then told me these marks I saw are of the devil and being used on the members and followers of these fake Pastors, evangelist, prophet,Apostle, prophetess marking them to make covenant with the devil unknowingly
The LORD said, “The fake men and women of GOD give out these marks to their members and followers especially when they lay hand on them to pray for them. He therefore told me to tell church members to be careful of the people who place their hands on them”.I even saw the 666 mark, the sign the sun as well.

Beloved, the LORD JESUS CHRIST is warning you to be careful those you allow to lay hands on you. Not all that glitters is gold.



  1. Albert antwi

    i thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the existence of heaven seekers ministry. there is a day coming that no one knows about ….we all ought to prepare for that day. lets watch ourselves so that we may not lose what we have worked for, but may win a full reward.
    lets be rapture ready because this world is not our home
    !!! we are going to HEAVEN………… TO ENJOY!!!!!

  2. John Musilla

    Powerful, powerful, powerful!!! May The Almighty GOD help us to prepare well for glorious rapture of holy bride in Jesus Name

  3. Albert Jerry

    In fact, ONLY HEAVENLY MINDED PEOPLE can take this very seriously.
    May Almighty God strengthen us in Jesus Name, Amen.

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