Brethren in the LORD, the state of the church of God today is so devastating. When the LORD took us round many churches on Sunday, 15th June,2014 and showed us what is going on in the Church of today it was very sad.

Many even do not think about the terrible death of our LORD Jesus Christ anymore. “ Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with GOD. But made Himself of no reputation, and put upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Philippians 2:5-8”

Many Christians do not think about this greatest sacrifice and live for Christ but rather, have all their focus on the things of the world. Meanwhile, the Bible says do not love the world or the things of the world if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.

Many Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, for love of the world have sold their souls to the enemy without thinking that, being a friend of the world you become an enemy of God.

My father used to say that, is it the same Heaven that Prophets Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah etc. and the Apostles Paul, Peter and co. that today’s Christians too are going? Then it will be terrible on the Day of the LORD. Below is the vision Brother Richard and I had together about the church of today.

I first of all like to thank the LORD Almighty, the KING of Kings and the LORD of Lords for such a spectacular visitation. On the 15th of June when Brother Richard came to church I realized his countenance wasn’t that good. I saw him speak with my mum and they went inside the house.

In a short while, mum sent for me as well. I saw that he wasn’t feeling fine and he said he is having a severe headache when I went inside. He was really crying and mummy said we should pray for him. Since I have gone through this several times I knew the LORD was about to reveal something to him.

We started to pray for him. Whilst praying , the LORD JESUS said to me He is not happy about the things going on in this world and in His church especially. That is why brother Richard is having that severe headache and that, He want to show him something so I told my Mum. Little did I know that I was going to be part of this visitation.

Mum and I then decided to take him to one of the bed rooms. We laid him down and realized he was unconscious though his eyes were opened. We continued to pray for him until I head the cry of hell. Then a strong light fell on me and saw my body drop to the floor and my spirit left my body.

When this happened I saw Brother Richard standing with the LORD Jesus so I went and embrace the LORD. It was left with my mum alone, Brother Richard was trying to call her to join us but unfortunately she could not hear him.

She later told brother Richard and I when we came back that, when she saw that we were all unconscious and she didn’t know what to do, the LORD spoke through brother Richard ‘s body and said; “Mummy Mary why are you looking at Philipa and Richard they are not here I have taken them to show them certain things and I will bring them back so, go and worship Me in peace.” So she went to church and after some hours she came back to see if we were back or not.

This was how our journey begun. The LORD then took us to our church, Heaven Seekers Ministry and HE asked brother Richard and I to stand and wait whilst He went and embrace all the members of the Church from the leaders to all the members. Our church glittered as if it was golden house, glory be to GOD. The LORD then showed us the world in the form of a globe; this globe was full of darkness.

It was indeed very murky. Hadn’t been the LORD and His light that was with us, we would not have been able to see anything at all due to the murky nature of the world.
That was not all. The LORD also made us to see the world in the palm of the devil and he turn the world anyway he pleased.

No doubt the Bible says he is the prince of this world. “Hereafter, I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. John 14:30”

The LORD started to take us to various churches. The dreary thing was that, on Sunday we were supposed to worship the LORD, there was absolute darkness everywhere. The Bible say we are the light of the world, why then is the church covered with total darkness?

Because many Christians don’t want to separate themselves from the world, rather are swimming in sin and competing with unbelievers for the things of the world. That why the Holy Bible says; “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19”

In the first church, though it was big, all their leaders were nude and they were in total darkness as well. Then we asked the LORD why these leaders were nude? He then answered, “ These leaders are the leaders who are unable to tell the truth to their followers”

Also we saw some who thought were beautifully dressed but sadly, it was unpleasant before GOD. We saw some people who had used clay on their faces and charcoal on the eyebrows and had applied faeces on their lips and thought that they’ve put on make-ups. Whenever they open their mouths to worship the LORD, all that came out was a pungent smell. Meanwhile they thought they have dressed nicely
with make-ups.

“As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lust in your ignorance: Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. 1 Peter 1:14,16”

“Favour is deceitful , and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30.

“Jerusalem, your land has been wiped out. But you act like a prostitute and try to win back your lovers who now hate you. You can put on your red dress, gold jewelry, and eyes shadow, but it’s no use- your lovers are in to kill you.” Jeremiah 4:30.[ Youth Bible.]

“ And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tied her head, and looked out ta a window.” 2 Kings 9:30. Dear one, what do you think came into the mind of Jezebel when she was doing that? She wanted to seduce the man of God. Are you the daughter of Jezebel?

Apart from the spiritual aspect, all these make-ups, relaxers have great effects on the body. The chemicals used in making all these are not good for us . And we should not forget that the Bible says our body is the temple of the Most High God and if we defile God’s temple He will destroy us.

In this church brother Richard said what he realized was that the numerous female gospel songstresses who paint their lips and make-up, do not praise God but rather send up unto Him, that pungent smell. It was a very dreary scene.

Again, we saw people who had on their natural hair, but in dreadlocks. They looked more like fetish priests. These people before the LORD looked like carrying maggots on their head. Though they thought they were well dressed, they looked like mad people before the LORD. The LORD made us to see that the devil had vomited on these people. They were full of filth from their hair to toe. It was a very sad scene.

The LORD then took us to another church where the congregation was happy, drumming and dancing and entertaining themselves. Little did they know they had been chained and are in total darkness. It really saddened our hearts, seeing the church of GOD looking these way. We also saw women in trousers and the LORD saw these women as being naked before Him.

If you talk about it people try to defend this by saying what about those in Europe, America etc. They wear it because of the weather, but have you asked yourself what about the holy women of old in these countries were they not experiencing the same weather? I know many women in these countries which because of their salvation are as at today not wearing these things and are living happily.

We use our human mind to do evil and fill the churches with seductive dresses; do not forget the LORD want Christian women to dress modestly and discreetly. That is proper covering rather than sensually exposing the body. Dressing in such a way to stimulate impure thought in others is evil as the lust it provokes.

Dear one, know that, the devil has taken over the fashion industry and they are designing some clothing deliberately to accentuate the body sensually and sexually. So therefore care must be taken when buying a dress to wear.

It is very sad that many churches have ignored the biblical standard of dressing and have embraced the fashion fads of the world instead. So did we see women in mini-skirts. They also appeared to the LORD as mad women.

It was sad, because mankind doesn’t know what the LORD require of us. May GOD have mercy upon us!

The LORD took us to another very well church populated church. It was another sad scene. They were with rosaries thinking they were worshiping God. The LORD made us to know that His Spirit doesn’t dwell in that church. Whenever they lifted the rosary to pray, a demon appeared.

It was that demon they were praying to. It is pity to a member of this congregation.

They also had on their finger ring they used in praying. Whenever they prayed, it called upon demons. The LORD told us that what we were seeing meant that His Spirit doesn’t dwell in that church.

Beloved let us get to know what the Lord wants from us. Again the Lord took us to another church where we sparsely saw streaks of light. They looked well dressed and presented without jewelry, no make-ups though.

The LORD made us to know although this church they know the truth, they practice the truth, but only few share the truth with others that is why those few are having light. In about 98% of the churches we visited, all we saw was heavy darkness. The two percent, the people who had light could be easily counted. The LORD made us to know those were the people living in holiness and righteousness both within and without and also sharing it with others.

Beloved in Christ, The LORD Jesus want us to be different from the world because we are not of the world. When you separate yourself from the world, they will hate and persecute you but know that you are not the first to go through this. Even our LORD Jesus Christ Who is God and the Christians of old went through lots of persecutions according to the John 17: 14, 1 Peter 4: 12-16, Romans 8: 17-18.

Dear one, know that all the sufferings of this present age – sickness, pain, disappointments, persecution and trouble of any kind must be considered insignificant when compared with the blessing and the glory above.- Romans 8:18 .
Recently I was reading The Pilgrim Progress and John Bunyan wrote something which will be good for all Christians.

He said in the vision he had, the pilgrims went to a place called the vanity fair. “ He said as they were going to the celestial city they had to pass through this fair, well so they did, but even as they entered into it, all the people in the fair were moved; and the town itself was in hubbub about them. It was for several reasons:

Firstly- The Pilgrim were dressed in a kind of clothing that was different from any of those who traded in that fair. The people of the fair stared at the great deal. Some said they were fools, some they were lunatics, some that they were freaks.

Second- just as they wondered at their apparel, so likewise they wondered at their speech , for few could understand what they said. They naturally spoke the language of Canaan, but those who kept the fair were men of this world. So from one end of the fair to the other they seemed barbarian to each other.

Third- and that which greatly amazed the merchandisers, the Pilgrims held all their ware as so unimportant. They did not care so much as even to look at them, and if they called upon them to buy, they would look upwards [signifying their trade and business is in HEAVEN] and put their fingers in their ears and cry, “Turn my eyes away from worthless things.”

They were humiliated, mocked and interrogated and they were asked where they were coming from and where they were going in such unusual attire.” The Men told them they were Pilgrims and strangers in the world, and they were going to their own country, which was the Heavenly Jerusalem.”

Beloved in the Lord, I want you also to know that we are Pilgrims and strangers in the world, going to our own country Heaven as stated in 1 Peter 2:11. So we must be different no matter the humiliation. Very soon all will be over and we will enter the glorious City that our Loving Father has prepared for us.

We also saw many so called “great pastors, bishops, apostles” who were in a very tick darkness beyond description and the LORD said they are there because they have sold their soul to the devil.

The LORD told us that he was no more happy about the world He has created because the world now is in murky. Though He came to take away the darkness, due to sin, mankind is again wallowing in this darkness.

He also said if only they will come to Him and worship Him in holiness and righteousness they will have light. We have to know th-at without Holiness no one will see the LORD.-Hebrews 12:14

Afterwards, the LORD took Brother Richard and I to a place in the sky and showed as the stars. He told us that those stars will disappear whenever He tells them to and truly He did and they disappeared.

And also, He told them to reappear and they did. Then He asked “why then do my children worship this luminaries and not worship Me, being the One Who created them and have power over them”?

From there, the LORD took us to a place where we saw the queen of the coast with an apple in her hand. Big snakes with thorns on them were surrounding her. Then she took a bite of the apple in her hand.

The LORD JESUS told us that the apple she is eating is His church. This means the churches have allowed the queen of coast to control them. Some pastors go to her for power and the women dress like her in the church. Why will she not have the church in her hand? Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s very important that we watch carefully, the churches we attend or visit. The church you attend can lead you to hell.

Now many pastors for love of money, fame and membership do not speak the full counsel of God. But as a pastor do not forget that one day you will stand before this great GOD to give an account and your money and your private jet will not save you.

Afterward, I asked the LORD why I heard the cry from hell when we were praying for brother Richard? And the Lord told me that it was not the souls of those who have died and are in hell but, it was cry of people who are on earth and yet because of sin their souls are lamenting in hell already and they are waiting for us to share our testimony so that they can be saved. So the LORD told us that we ought to share the truth with others. Many are dying from the church to hell because they don’t have the truth.

The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. How many people have you shared the word with today? It’s Christ greatest commission that we share the good news with others about holiness and righteousness.

Without holiness no one shall see the Lord. And Holiness is not just inside the heart, what is inside is what manifest outside. The way we talk, walk, marry, dress, those we move with, our behavior at our work place must all prove that really we are the children of the Most High God. We should not keep malice in our heart. We must learn to forgive one another and love ourselves with pure love.

God want our spirit and body to be holy and that is perfect holiness as stated in 2 Corinthians 7:1.

The LORD Jesus from there took us to a place where we saw the world as globe again. We saw a very thick rocklike carpet on top of the earth. The Lord told us that it is the sin of man that has caused that and it is stopping many prayers from going up to God the Father.

He told us if your prayer does not penetrate through that carpet it cannot reach Heaven and becomes meaningless and fruitless.

And that these days many people’s prayers are not going up to God at all. And HE encouraged us to pray more.

Also, the Lord told us that those who contest for beauty pageant and things like that are doomed for hell. The LORD said especially those who receive the winning crowns have been mark with the mark of the beast already.

He further explained that there are certain things such us some music, food, clothes we wear and things we watch on television that lead us to hardened heart and mark certain people for satan. Brethren, the world is so polluted by the devil and his agents that Christians we must be vigilant and watchful and know that although, we are in the world we are not of the world.

From here, the Lord took us to another place where we saw the whole world as a globe again. And He divided it into three parts. In the first of the one third the LORD told us that those were people who already had the mark and were in total darkness.
The second one- third, those people hadn’t taken the mark of the beast but do not know the LORD Jesus and are therefore in total darkness.

The final one-third, the LORD divided it into four parts. The first one-fourth was the hypocrites. Those do not practice what they preach and are therefore in total darkness.

The second quarter were those who know the truth and do not share with others and for that reason, are also in total darkness. The third quarter had people who heard the truth and led holy lives for some time and would back-slide again. They Lord told us that they are also doomed for hell.

The final quarter of it, the Lord divided it into two parts and told us in the upper part are the people who thought they are worshiping Him and yet, were using rosaries and bowing to statute. Ignorantly, they are not worshiping God but rather in darkness.

The LORD divided the final part that was left again into two. The first half people who thought they were worshiping Him but had on worldly adornment such as make- ups, earrings , permed hair, hair attachments, and ungodly dressing which has kept them too in darkness.

And the LORD Jesus explained that the final part were people who are holy both INSIDE and OUTSIDE. They separated themselves from the world and the things of the world and are living for Him.

Therefore, please do not allow anyone to deceive you that Christianity is only a thing of the heart because one ought to be holy, both inwardly and outwardly. This is why these people had a little light at their own part of the world.

Brethren please let us take a clue out of this and lead holy lives inside and outwardly so that we will not miss Heaven. The Lord wants our spirit, soul, and body to be preserved blameless unto the coming of our LORD Jesus.

I remember a man of God in Ghana, Kumasi to be precise preaching that, it is only the soul that will be going to Heaven so no matter what you do to the body it doesn’t matter. This is deception from the pit of hell. Because the Bible does not say in- [1 Corinthians 3: 16-17; 6:19-20.]

The LORD also took us to the HOLY CITY {HEAVEN}. We went with a flying horses. We were transformed from our human nature to a very glorious body that is worthy of the City. With a beautiful flowing garments , beautiful crown on our head with glittering gems around it. On the way, the Lord was in the middle and in front were the glorious angles of heaven and I was on the right hand side of the Lord whilst bother Richard was on His left. It was a very spectacular scene.

When we entered the city, the Lord took us to a very big hall with Angels surrounding us whilst we were sitting in living chairs were glittering with many colours. They came to serve us with a very delicious Heavenly food. it was a joyous moment. Beloved, do not miss Heaven because of any body, or anything. This evil world has nothing good to offer you.

The LORD then made us to sit on the horses again and we descended back to this murky world. Where we stood and got down from the horses was made of gold and for a second I thought we were in Heaven. Our beautiful flowing garments were still on us. The Lord Jesus took the lead, I followed and brother Richard was behind me. Our garments were very long and flowing on the floor. But nobody stepped on the other’s garment.

When we entered the golden building, I realized it was our church we saw all the members were sitting down looking very beautiful and glorious. The Lord took us round three time and then took us to where the children worships. He embraced the children one after the other as He did for the adults before we went into the churches.

From there I saw a diamond gate and I entered it whilst Brother Richard was still talking with the Lord. So, I entered and the next thing was that I found myself in my earthly body .At this time Brother Richard was still unconscious and laying on the bed till my mother came to the room and after a while Brother Richard also came back to himself and he was not happy at all. And my mum gave us water to drink. Brother Richard told me when I entered the diamond gate this is the word the LORD gave “We should keep on spreading this testimony about Holiness and Righteousness with the world.”


  1. concetta Acquah

    what an awesome testimony. I thank God for allowing me to hear this testimony. I pray that I will not miss heaven in Jesus name. please keep me in your prayers.God bless you

  2. Albert antwi

    God thank you for such a wonderful testimony. this tells us to present our bodies as living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to GOD and since we have these promises, brethren let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of GOD. AMEN

  3. Jolly

    This testimony is a blessing to many people. May the Lord Jesus continue to strengthen you. May He help all those with a sincere heart to make it to heaven.

  4. Que seul la grâce du seigneur jésus christ vous comble de tout biens,

    Je suis du pays de la Guyane française, où par la grâce du seigneur j’ai pu avoir vos vidéos, j’ai été terriblement touché par ces avertissements et j’ai compris bien des choses, que je ne comprenez pas avant, je remercie notre seigneur de nous aimez tant, mais en même tant je suis triste de voire l’entêtement de certains qui résistent aux messages. j’ai commencé a avoyer les différentes vidéos aux églises, et certaines réponses sont si douloureuses, mais je continuerais .j’ai demandé au seigneur de me mettre et me garder dans le ministère des chercheurs du ciel, je trouve cela merveilleux, et je prie qu’il m’accorde de venir vers vous un jour passer 1 mois avec mon fils. Que le seigneur vous bénisse encore encore.

    • Admin

      Que Dieu vous bénisse aussi pour le bon travail que vous faites.Je prie que vous continuerez jusqu’a la fin glorieuse.Nous sommes ensemble donc vous êtes toujours bienvenu. Que la paix de le Seigneur soit avec vous.

  5. John Musilla

    POWERFUL- Our precious ABBA FATHER may we be found living in holiness & rapture ready at all times covered by the MIGHTY BLOOD OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST- always looking for HIS appearing

  6. Joanna

    Oh wow! Praise God. Please keep us in your prayers here in Dominica because as we make these changes to be Holy there is a lot of pressure from other christians. People are just so accustomed to their worldliness. The interesting thing is that the unsaved are the ones happy that christians are finally beginning to dress like christians! May God help us. The harvest is ripe. We must not stop sharing the truth found in God’s word. God bless you!

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